Canadian Scholar, Imam Zijad Delic’s Biography

On May 12, 1965, Dr. Zijad Delic was born in Bosnia, where he also completed his formal studies to become an imam (Muslim spiritual leader). The International Islamic University of Islamabad, Pakistan, is where he obtained his BA (Hons) in Islamic Studies and Arabic Language. He received his master’s degree from the University of Oregon’s School of Education in Eugene, Oregon, and his doctorate from Simon Fraser University’s School of Education in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Dr. Delic worked as a teacher and imam in Bosnia and Croatia from 1990 to 1995. He first held these posts within the BC Muslim Association where he served as head Imam, vice-principal of the BC Muslim School, community spokesperson, and other related roles, after emigrating to Canada in 1995. He relocated to Ottawa in 2006 to pursue a position with a national NGO, where he still resides (2006-2011).

Dr. Delic has established strong bonds with many religious leaders as a dynamic supporter and driver of interfaith cooperation in Canada. The first Muslim Imam in CCCB history, he was invited to speak at their Plenary Assembly in October 2007 by the Canadian Council of Catholic Bishops (CCCB).

He currently works with South Nepean Muslim Community (SNMC) and serves as their resident Imam. In 2008, Dr. Delic was recognized by the Province of Ontario for ten years of unbroken volunteer service, and in 2009 and 2010, he was listed in the prestigious publication, “The 500 Most Influential Muslims in the World,” edited by John Esposito and Ibrahim Kalin, Islamic Studies scholars at Georgetown University in Washington, DC. Along with his adored wife Senada and kids Lejla and Emina, he resides in Ottawa, Ontario.

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