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The Sunnah Guy Biography


The Sunnah Guy Biography: Do you want to know the Sunnah Guy’s real name, his wife, and his kids? Here is a detailed biography of the popular Muslim influential.

About The Muslim Influential

Shoaib Hussain, also known as The Sunnah Guy, is a prominent figure in the Islamic community, recognized as an Islamic speaker, influencer, entrepreneur, filmmaker, and dedicated youth worker.

As the Director of The Sunnah Guy Ltd, based in High Wycombe, England, Shoaib has cultivated a substantial online presence, boasting a collective following of over 1.5 million followers and subscribers. His online influence has been instrumental in making him the fastest-growing personality in the western Muslim space.

With a career spanning several years, Shoaib’s contributions to the Islamic community are both diverse and impactful. As the Founder of The Sunnah Experience, a venture he initiated in May 2023, he continues to contribute to the spiritual development of the youth.

Additionally, Shoaib serves as the Director of Criterion Studios, a self-employed endeavor since August 2020, where he has played a pivotal role in bringing the first UK-based Islamic film, “2 SIDES,” to cinemas.

Fluent in Arabic, English, and Urdu, Shoaib Hussain’s linguistic skills extend the reach of his message to a global audience. Beyond his professional endeavors, Shoaib has a lifelong passion for football, rooted in his childhood.

The Sunnah Guy Wife and Family

The Sunnah Guy Wife and Kids

Outside the realm of his career, Shoaib finds joy and support in his family, with an amazing wife and two children. Committed to guiding the new generation and propagating Islam in the West, Shoaib’s journey in Islamic work dates back to 2011.

Actively engaged in his local community, he delivers reminders, classes, and events regularly. Notably, Shoaib Hussain has made a mark as the director and producer of the first-ever UK-based Islamic film showcased in cinemas nationwide.

His dedication to learning is evident through his informal studies with Abu Rumaysah, a student of Abu Abdurrahman and Sheikh Haitham Al Haddad. Shoaib’s involvement extends to translating multiple Islamic publications and serving as the chairman of the Wycombe Islamic Society in High Wycombe. At present, Shoaib is not only the number 1 trending Muslim on TikTok and Instagram but also a beacon of guidance for the new generation seeking to discover and embrace their religion.

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