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Download PDF of Dream Interpretation Islamic Book by ibn Sirin titled The Great Book of Interpretation of Dreams (Tafsir al-Ahlam al-kabir).

The Great Book of Interpretation of Dreams (Tafsir al-Ahlam al-kabir) is attributed to the 7th-century Muslim scholar ibn Sirin which was originally compiled in the 15th century by al-Dārī under the title Selection of Statements on the Exegesis of Dreams.

The typology of categorization of dreams in Arabic literature of dream interpretation is noted for it close adherence to orthodox theological categories and assumes an intimate relationship between dreaming and conventional expressions of devotional religious piety. Traditional Arabic books of dream interpretation were composed by theologians.

Table of contents – Dream Interpretation Islamic Book

About Imam Muhammad Ibn Seerin x
Forward by Prof. Mahmood Ayoub xii
Introduction XV
The Dream Interpreter xxi
RelatingOne’s Dream xxviii
The Soul and The Self xxviii
The Proper Name xx
Traditions xxix
Interpretation by Contraposition xxx
Interpretation by Correlation, Relativity, and approximation xxx
Strength of One’s Dream xxxi
Some Rare Dreams xxxi
Conclusion ‘” .xxxix
Guide to Using this Dictionary of dreams xli
I. The Main Entry xli
II. Pronunciation xlii
III.Definitions xliii
IV. Scientific Names xliii
V. Synonyms xliii
VI. Interpreting Idiomatic Expressions xliii
VII. Mapping one’s dream xliv
VIII. List ofAbbreviations xlv
Ibn Seerin’s Dictionary of Dreams 1-488
Index ofEntries 489-508
GeneralIndex 509-511
Bibliography 512

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