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Sheik Okasha Kameny’s Biography


Occupation: Preacher, Teacher, Writer, and Imam

Which country is Okasha from? Okasha is originally from Ghana. Kumasi to preside.

Shaykh Okasha ibn Abdullah ibn Hassan ibn Ya’qoub Kameny was born in Kumasi, Ghana, West Africa. His parents were righteous and pious individuals who held a deep concern for the Deen in their hearts and encouraged their children toward the acquisition of Sacred Knowledge.

Shaykh Okasha is the 5th of 10 Siblings, and like his elder siblings, he pursued the path of Seeking Sacred Knowledge under the guidance of his noble father Shaykh Abdullah ibn Hassan ibn Ya’qoub Kameny.

The seeds of seeking knowledge were planted at the tender age of three wherein he would accompany his older brother Shaykh Sharafuddeen to the circles of knowledge held at the local Masjid Al-Tawhid. The circles were taught by the erudite scholar and Mufassir Shaykh Adam Baba RA who himself had studied with Shaykh Abdul Aziz ibn Abdullah ibn Baaz RA. When the Shaykh reached school age he was enrolled at the Al Azhariyyah School for Islamic Theology and spent the next eleven years studying there. With the Mercy and Blessing of Allāh, he excelled at Al Azhariyyah and continued attending the circles of knowledge, learning and memorizing sacred texts at the feet of the traditional scholars in the local Masājid.

Following in the footsteps of his three elder brothers and sister at the age of 12 the Shaykh had completed the memorization of the Holy Qur’ān together with the recognition of applications of the rules of Tajweed. His love for the Book of Allāh let him memorize the Qur’ān in the 10 Qira’āt and he received Ijāzah in them. The Shaykh always had a sharp memory and from a young age was introduced to the disciplines of memorizing the various texts; this was both due to the environment and the guidance of his Shuyukh; the simple village life and economic conditions of the time meant books of knowledge were not readily available amongst the students. This encouraged Shaykh to memorize the texts knowing that he could not afford his own personal copy. After completing the Holy Qur’ān the Shaykh memorized Sahih Al Bukhāri, Sahih Muslim, and continued to memorize many other classical texts.

Who is Kameny Okasha?

Shaykh Okasha Kameny serves as the iman at Masjid Al-Wasatiyah Wal-Itidaal in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He has committed to memory not only the entire Qur’an but also several important Hadith collections, including those from his native West African country, Sahih Bukhari and Sahih Muslim. In the greater Washington, DC, area, he frequently speaks.

Okasha Kameny’s Education

Sheikh Okasha spent more than 11 years studying at al-Azhariyyah Islamic School.
He finished memorizing the Holy Qur’an at the age of 13 under the guidance of Sheikh Muhammad Musa and Sheikh Ahmad Sharfudeen, with an understanding of its principles and ramifications in all spheres. At the time, these two were regarded as two of the most well-known Quranic professors.

As the founder and chief educator of A.R.K. Academy and Alhirz, Sheikh Okasha Kameny, create a variety of educational programs and study aids in Islamic studies through different lecture series, specially created curricula, and private teaching. He is currently working on creating an online university that will make Islamic learning available to everyone, anywhere in the world. He is also touring sponsored groups in sponsored communities domestically and abroad, utilizing both the Qur’an and the Bible to dispel misconceptions about Islam. He teaches the Holy Qur’an using the 10 widely-accepted different approaches, exactly as Allah revealed them through the issuance of those Qira’at.

His Experience

Over the past ten years, Sheikh Okasha has served as the spiritual leader of numerous American communities, including those in New York, Philadelphia, Chester, Delaware, New Jersey, and Florida. He also established the Philadelphia mosque Al-Wasatiyah Wal-Itidaal Masjid and its school, serving as its first imam. His passion has always been for education, especially for young people. He develops people to improve communities by showing his pupils how to apply the Quran and Sunnah in the contemporary setting. Everywhere he goes, the Sheikh also conducts seminars where he teaches the knowledge of the holy Qur’an, the science of hadith, and fiqh.

Notable Accomplishments

For the past ten years, Sheikh Okasha has been the foremost authority on Islamic education in the United States of America. He has delivered speeches at numerous conventions.
When Sh. Okasha enters any Qur’anic competition, with the recognition of his contemporaries, none of them thinks of winning the first position. This is because Sh. Muhammad Musa had prepared Sh. Okasha in memorizing to such an extent. Sh. Okasha has participated in more than 20 Qur’anic tournaments over the course of more than 11 years.

Books Memorized by Okasha Kameny

As-Shatibiyyah (حرز الأماني )

Ad-Durrah (الدرة المضية )

Al-Bi’equniyyah ( البيقونية)

Al-Ghazaliyyah fe al-Qaab al-Hadith ( الحديث في ألقاب الغزلية )

Manzoumat As-Sabban (منظومة الصبان في الحديث)

Umdatul-Fiqh (عمدة الفقة)

Aqilatu-at-Raabil Qasa’ed – عقيلة أتراب القصائد

Lamiyyah of Imam Iban Malik and his Khulasan ( لامية الأفعال )

Tuhfatul-Atfaal (تحفة الأطفال)

Al-Jazariyyah الجزرية

Al-Khaqaniyyah (رائية الخاقاني)

Annuniyyah (نونية السخاوي )

At-Tahawiyah (عقيدة الطحاوية )

Al-Muthallahth Qutrub (مثلث بن زريق)

The books of At-Tawheed for Sheikh Muhammad Ibn Abdel-Wahaab (كتاب التوحيد) (الاصول الثلاثة)

His Notable Instructors Were

Sh. Muhammad Musa, Graduate of Madina University; Sh. Ahmad Sharfudeen, Sh. Muhammad Mubarak,
Dr. Mubarak al-Mughrabe, Teacher at Madina University. Sheikh Yunus al-Ghalban Dr. Abdul-Razzaq
Ishaaq, Sheikh Mohammad Taher (Graduate of Niger University) and Sheikh Abu Usamah from Sudan are all Okasha’s Quranic teachers.

While in Arabic Language and Arabic rhetoric was Sh. Ali Abu Hashim, Dr. Atiyyah al-Misry, Sheikh Muhammad Amin Husain, and Sheikh Zainud-Deen Abdul’Mu’min.

And he also studied Fiqh under learned Imam Tawfeed al-Bakri, Sheikh Muhammad Amin, and Sheikh Ali
Abu Hashim.

About Al-Hirz Institute

Shaykh Okasha Kameny is the founder of Al-Hirz Institute.

Al-Hirz Institute is a multilevel organization that aims to disseminate Islamic knowledge all over the world. It was founded through the efforts of Shaykh Okasha Kameny and became actualized via the efforts of his closest team members. By offering masjid programs, weekend seminars, and on-site/online courses, he works to improve the understanding of Muslims in America and around the world. The organization also aims to help Muslim adolescents feel secure in their Islamic identity during these trying times by offering them much-needed, reasonably priced counseling. We seek to shed light on the laws of The Qur’an and The Sunnah by using their guidance.

With Allah ‘Aza wa Jal’s blessing, lift the Ummah’s degree of understanding during these difficult times.

AHI is a non-profit organization with a 501(C)3 status. Islamic services are provided on-site and online for the benefit of our institution, and we do not engage in fundraising in any way.

To avoid depleting the resources of the local masaajid and Islamic schools, we only provide classes, services, and donations, genuine Islamic expertise. These services enable the organization to create videos/audio recordings, post them for free on its YouTube channel, and improve the education experience both locally and globally for the pupils. Keep us in your prayers and support our classes and projects by continuing to do so.

How do you memorize Quran ? by Okasha Kameny

How can I memorize Quran without forgetting it? Shaykh Okasha Kameny gives easy steps on how to effectively memorize the glorious book, Al Quran. And these steps are really amazing.

Listen to the step here

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  1. Asalam it is an exellent and gift from Allah the Almight who bless Sheikh Okasha with this beautiful voice and elequence in speach and wisdom. may Allah the ALMIGHTY continued to guide protect Sheikh and his Family.
    yours brother in Islam Muhammad Muhammad. from Nigeria

  2. Alhamdulillahi Bi ni’imatil-islam. I was even more happy by the time I reread the biography of my favorite qur’an’s voice.,that is imam okasha,I believed strongly that what he got is a Greatest blessing of Allah,that He Allah given to whomever He want.may Allah protect Him and his entire family.


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