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Best Islamic Books for Seekers of Knowledge

best islamic books for seekers of knowledge

If you’re an aspiring student of Islamic knowledge, it can be tough to know where to start. The vast amount of resources out there can be overwhelming, not to mention that many Islamic books aren’t exactly relevant in this day and age. But if you want to learn about Islam, …

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Ruling On Student Loan Grants

Question I am a Muslim student living in Norway, studying in university there. I have a question about student loans given by the university. This loan is interest-free, and it is given to students, and if the students pass the half-year exam, the loan is turned into a grant or …

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Is Swearing Allowed In Islam?

Is swearing allowed in Islam?

Question I got in a taxi with one of my neighbours, and I said to him, swearing an oath, that I would pay the fare, but unfortunately he insisted on paying, and he paid. What should I do? Should I offer expiation for breaking an oath, or should I go …

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