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Omar Suleiman’s Biography

omar sulaiman wife, biography, children

Imam Omar Suleiman is the President of the Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research and a professor of Islamic Studies at Southern Methodist University. Omar Sulaiman is originally from New Orleans, LA born into a Palestinian family. The sheikh/imam, who was born in 1986, is the resident scholar of the Valley Ranch Islamic Center, and Co-Chair of … Read more

Pdf Yasir Qadhi – Seerah Of Prophet Muhammad

seerah of prophet muhammad yasir qadhi pdf

Download Seerah Of Prophet Muhammad by Yasir Qadhi Pdf Table of Contents Author Month-Year Page Seerah of Prophet Muhammed 1 – Specialities of Prophet Muhammed Yasir Qadhi April 2011 10 Seerah of Prophet Muhammed 2 – Specialities of Prophet Muhammed Yasir Qadhi May 2011 14 Seerah of Prophet Muhammed 3 – Why Study the Seerah … Read more

6 Islamic Books on Love and Marriage You Need to Get

Love and Marriage

Many people are married but are missing love in their relationships. But some are blessed with Love and Marriage. Divorce is not always the solution to marital problems; rather, it is necessary to identify the reasons why your marriage is failing. Most of the time, what we need is knowledge and wisdom on how to … Read more