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Mp3 Omar Suleiman – Episode1 – How Do You Do The Right Thing Even When It’s Hard? – Dhul Hijjah series


To crave acceptance is human, but gaining acceptance, especially when it comes to our faith, is not always possible. What can we learn from Prophet Ibrahim (as) about how to live through the loneliness of taking a stand—and what are some of the unexpected benefits you’ve seen in your own life for doing so?

Download Mp3 Ep.1: How Do You Do The Right Thing Even When It’s Hard? | Attaching to Allah, a Dhul Hijjah series by Imam Omar Suleiman and Ustadha Sarah Sultan and guests for episode 1 of Attaching to Allah, Yaqeen Institute’s 2022 Dhul Hijjah Series.

[easy_media_download url=”https://www.speakersofislam.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/06/Omar_Suleiman_-_Episode1_-_How_Do_You_Do_The_Right_Thing_Even_When_Its_Hard_Attaching_to_Allah_a_Dhul_Hijjah_series_SpeakersOfIslam.com.mp3″ align=”center” color=”blue” force_dl=”1″]

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