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Sajdah (Prostration) Places In the Quran


There are 15 sajdah in the Quran where the reciter is advised to prostrate while reading the holy book. The reciter must not necessarily be in the state of wudu (ablution), or to face the Qiblah.

And here are the Sajdah places in the holy Quran.

Prostration Places In the Quran

No.Part No.SurahVerse No.
197. Al-A’raf206
21313. Ar-Ra’d15
31416. Al-Nahl50
41517. Al-Isra109
51619. Maryam58
61722. Al-Hajj18
7*1722. Al-Hajj77
81925. Al-Furqan60
91927. An-Naml26
102132. As-Sajdah15
112338. Sad24
122441. Fussilat38
132753. An Najm62
143084. Inshiqaq21
153096. Al-Alaq19

sajdah in quran
Shaykh Yasir Qadhi explains how to perform Sajdah while reading the Quran

What to say in Sujood while reciting the Quran?

While in Sujood reciting the Quran, you are advised to recite the follow dua;

سَجَـدَ وَجْهـي للَّـذي خَلَقَـهُ وَشَقَّ سَمْـعَـهُ وَبَصَـرَهُ بِحَـوْلِـهِ وَقُـوَّتِهِ ﴿فتَبـارَكَ اللهُ أَحْسَـنُ الخـالِقيـن

Aishah [ra] relates that when the prophet [saw] prostrated himself at night while reciting the holy Quran he said;

Sajada wajhiya lillahi khalaqahu, wa shaqqa sam’ahu, wa basarahu, wa bihaulihi wa quwwatihi

My face (myself) prostrates itself to him who created it and brought forth its hearing and seeing by his might and power.

(An-nasa’i, Tirmadhi Kitabud-Dawat)

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