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How To Stop Masturbation Forever Permanently Islam


Masturbation is a sensitive and taboo topic that can be difficult to talk about. However, it’s a common problem that affects many people, and there are effective strategies that can help overcome the temptation to engage in this act. In this article, we’ll discuss some of the most effective strategies for overcoming the temptation of masturbation.

Therefore, it is important to take the necessary steps to overcome masturbation. If you want to stop, you must have the willpower and determination to do so. According to Rasulullah [sallallaahu alayhi wasallam], the Niyyat (intention) of a believer is better than the act itself. This determination is the first step, and you must decide to end this practice. It must be more than just a hope or a wish; you must realize that this is a great evil, and you have to want to give it up.

Table of Contents

Guidelines for Overcoming Masturbation

  1. Realize that you are violating Allah’s command and that you are bringing upon yourself lifelong destruction and harm.
  2. Avoid touching your intimate parts unnecessarily.
  3. Stay away from being alone as much as possible and find good company. Remember, an idle mind is the devil’s (Shaytaan) workshop.
  4. Avoid associating with people who have the same problem as you. Don’t suppose that both of you will quit together, you never will. You must get away from people of that kind. Just to be in their presence will keep your problem foremost in your mind.
  5. Take a quick bath.
  6. When in bed, dress yourself securely for the night, so you cannot easily touch your vital parts. If the temptation seems overpowering while you are in bed, engage in something useful. The purpose behind this suggestion is that you focus your mind on something else.
  7. Never look at pornographic material.
  8. The attitude of the individual has an effect on how easy it is to overcome. It is essential that a firm commitment be made to control this habit. The person must first realize the evil of this act. Secondly, he must understand the reason for this behavior.

Tips for Overcoming Masturbation

Make Duaa Daily

One of the most important strategies for overcoming the temptation of masturbation is to seek help from Allah through daily Duas. This helps to strengthen your faith and resolve, and provides spiritual support to resist temptation.

Exercise Regularly

Regular exercise is a key component in reducing emotional tension and depression, which can trigger the desire to masturbate. It’s important to double your physical activity when you feel stress increasing, and to make it a daily habit.

Shift Your Focus

When the temptation to masturbate is strong, it’s important to shift your focus away from the selfish need to indulge. Instead, engage in a healthy activity, such as reading a Kitab, spending time with friends, or doing something athletic.

Set Goals of Abstinence

Setting goals of abstinence is an effective way to overcome the temptation of masturbation. Start with small goals, such as a day or a week, and gradually increase the time period until you can commit to never indulging in this act again.

Work on Self-Improvement

Working on a self-improvement program can help you enhance your strengths and talents, and provide a sense of purpose and fulfillment that can replace the need for masturbation.

Plan for Low Periods

Be aware of situations that depress you or cause you to feel lonely, bored, frustrated, or discouraged. These emotional states can trigger the desire to masturbate as a way of escape. Plan in advance to counter these low periods through various activities, such as reading a Kitab, visiting a friend, or doing something athletic.

Frequent the Mosque

Frequenting the Mosque can provide spiritual guidance and support, and it can help you to recite part of the Quran on a daily basis. Consult with your local Aalim to learn about authentic books that can provide further guidance and support.

Use a Pocket Calendar

Using a pocket calendar for a month on a small card can be a strong visual reminder of self-control. Color the day on which you masturbate black, and keep the calendar with you. Look at it when you are tempted to add another black day. Keep your calendar up until you have at least three clear months.

Identify Triggers and Break the Pattern

Identifying the particular times and conditions that trigger the temptation to masturbate is important. Once you understand how it happens, plan to break the pattern through counter activities.

Use Aversion Therapy

Aversion therapy is a technique used in psychotherapy that involves associating something very distasteful with something that has been pleasurable but undesirable. If you associate something very distasteful with your loss of self-control, it will help you to stop the act. For example, if you are tempted to masturbate, think of having to bathe in a tub of worms and eat several of them as you do the act.

Stay on Guard

Finally, it’s important to stay on guard and not let yourself return to any past habit or attitude patterns that were part of the problem. Shaytaan never gives up, so it’s important to maintain a positive mental attitude and always stay on guard. With perseverance and determination, you can win this fight and experience a radiant and spiritual glow of satisfaction and fulfillment in your life.

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