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Biography: How Alima Ashfaq Revives Islamic Scholarship Among Western Muslim Women


I am Alima and “Women Of Ilm” were founded and are directed by Sister Alima Ashfaq. Her life’s work is to support Muslim women in learning about Islam in order to help them become closer to Allah subnahu wa ta’la.

Sister Alima’s passion for knowledge is insatiable, despite the fact that she is now pursuing Islamic Studies. In order to further her understanding of her religion and to improve herself in her position as a “I am Alima” instructor, she has studied under a variety of professors and students of knowledge. She hopes to resurrect Islamic scholarship among Muslim women in the West and contribute to women’s perceptions of Islam and its values. She is now pursuing a ‘ijazah in tajweed science to maintain her interest in the Qur’an.

Sr. Alima has held a number of leadership positions and has participated in a variety of organizations. She has also given lectures at all of the major universities in the UK, including the Universities of Birmingham and Sheffield.

Sr. Alima has a talent for writing as well; she is the author of Falling in Love, Love Unveiled, and Du’as of Superstars. Furthermore, she collaborated with I am Alima and Sh. Muhammad Alshareef to assemble and edit the Threads of Hope.

Sr. Alima is an active blogger who has written for Muslim Matters, Productive Muslim, her own blog, I Am Alima, and her personal blog. She has also hosted a weekly show on Unity FM. She has a strong interest in self-improvement and routinely attends seminars in that pursuit.

She currently balances her time between her husband, infant, Islamic studies, giving lectures and teaching courses across the UK as well as online. She resides in Sheffield, the UK.

Alima Ashfaq Books

Du’as of the Superstars : The Formulae for Success Kindle Edition

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