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Sheik Okasha Kameny’s Biography

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Shaykh Okasha ibn Abdullah ibn Hassan ibn Ya’qoub Kameny was born in Kumasi, Ghana, West Africa. His parents were righteous and pious individuals who held deep concern of the Deen in their hearts and encouraged their children towards the acquisition of Sacred Knowledge.

Shaykh Okasha is the 5th of 10 Siblings, and like his elder siblings he pursued the path of Seeking Sacred Knowledge under the guidance of his noble father Shaykh Abdullah ibn Hassan ibn Ya’qoub Kameny.

The seeds of seeking knowledge were planted at the tender age of three wherein he would accompany his older brother Shaykh Sharafuddeen to the circles of knowledge held at the local Masjid Al Tawhid. The circles were taught by the erudite scholar and Mufassir Shaykh Adam Baba RA who himself had studied with Shaykh Abdul Aziz ibn Abdullah ibn Baaz RA. When the Shaykh reached school age he was enrolled at the Al Azhariyyah School for Islamic Theology and spent the next eleven years studying there. With the Mercy and Blessing of Allāh he excelled at Al Azhariyyah and continued attending the circles of knowledge, learning and memorising sacred texts at the feet of the traditional scholars in the local Masājid.

Following in the footsteps of his three elder brothers and sister at the age of 12 the Shaykh had completed the memorisation of the Holy Qur’ān together with the recognition of applications of the rules of Tajweed. His love for the Book of Allāh let him to memorise the Qur’ān in the 10 Qira’āt and he received Ijāzah in them. The Shaykh always had a sharp memory and from a young age was introduced to the disciplines of memorising the various texts; this was both due to the environment and the guidance of his Shuyukh; the simple village life and economic conditions of the time meant books of knowledge were not readily available amongst the students. This encouraged the Shaykh to memorise the texts knowing that he could not afford his own personal copy. After completing the Holy Qur’ān the Shaykh memorised Sahih Al Bukhāri, Sahih Muslim, and continued to memorise many other classical texts.

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