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Akhi Ayman Biography, Age, Wiki, Ethnicity, Mum, Wife and Story

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Akhi Ayman, a prominent 30-Year-Old youth activist and preacher, is a well-known figure who hails from London. His journey is a testament to resilience, dedication, and a strong commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of thousands of youths in England.

Quick Information of Akhi Ayman

Place of BirthIraq
Relation StatusMarried
Name of WifeUndisclosed
Wife’s Age35-Year-Old
Siblings7 (Seven)
Brothers4 (Four)
Sisters 3 (Three)
ChildrenWill be updated later
ContactTiktok / Instagram
Height6ft (Approx.)
Net WorthN/A

Read the inspiring story of Akhi Ayman, a youth activist from London who overcame adversity, including a prison sentence, to address thousands of young people. Learn about his age, background, and values that drive his impactful work. Explore Akhi Ayman’s biography, ethnicity, family, and the unique path that led him to become a respected preacher and an advocate for youth.

Early Life and Background

Akhi Ayman was born in Iraq but moved to London at the tender age of nine. He grew up in a family of seven siblings, with four brothers and three sisters. As a middle child, he learned the values of cooperation and leadership from an early age.

Challenges and Redemption

However, life took a difficult turn when Akhi Ayman found himself incarcerated for over two years due to an altercation. The time in prison, from 2012 to his release on June 12, 2014, was undoubtedly a challenging period in his life. Behind bars, he faced many hardships, including a lack of basic amenities such as toiletries and toothbrushes.

Upon his release, Akhi Ayman took a path of redemption and reconciliation. He made the courageous decision to apologize to the individual involved in the altercation, demonstrating his commitment to personal growth and peace.

Youth Activism and Dawah Movement

After emerging from this transformative experience, Akhi Ayman dedicated himself to positively impacting the youth. He is known for addressing gatherings of tens of thousands of young people, and he even organized a historic event that brought together a record-breaking 20,000 youths, making it the largest youth event in history.

His involvement in the Dawah movement began more than seven years ago. Akhi Ayman’s passion for this cause is evident, as he tirelessly works to spread the message and teachings of Islam. Despite his significant impact, he remains humble, shying away from fame. In an interview with 5pillars TV, he expressed his desire to avoid the spotlight, yet destiny continues to shower him with recognition and blessings.

Family and Personal Life

Akhi Ayman is a devoted husband, showing that alongside his activism, he maintains a fulfilling personal life. Tragically, his mother passed away in Makkah, a loss that undoubtedly had a profound impact on him.

Beliefs and Principles

What sets Akhi Ayman apart is his unwavering dedication to his faith. He does not belong to any specific Islamic sect, preferring to live according to the Quran, the hadiths, the understanding of the companions, and those who followed them, known as the Tabi’un.


Akhi Ayman’s life is a remarkable journey of personal growth, dedication to youth empowerment, and unwavering faith. From his challenging experiences to his achievements as a youth activist and preacher, he serves as an inspiration to many. His story reminds us that even in the face of adversity, one can rise above and create a lasting positive impact on society.

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