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Wael Ibrahim Biography

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Wael Ibrahim, an Alexandria City/Egypt native, was ardently committed to captivating the hearts and minds of others through his dulcet tones and melodies. Upon his relocation to Hong Kong City in the early stages of the year 2002, he became notably influenced by the preeminent Asian icon, Leslie Cheung. In view of his aspiration to achieve celebrity status in Hong Kong, he labored strenuously. However, upon Leslie’s demise in April 2003, Wael Ibrahim resolved to embark on a quest for spiritual enlightenment through education. Though he possesses a diploma in commerce and business administration, he commenced pursuing theological studies and earnestly embraced his Islamic faith.

Wael Ibrahim, a distinguished lecturer on the subject of Islam and the founder and chairman of the Serving Islam Team in Hong Kong, is a seasoned professional trainer and a licensed Master Life Coach. His academic qualifications include a Bachelor of Arts degree in Islamic Studies.

Wael Ibrahim is the founder of the Aware Academy, which is a website/platform dedicated to helping those who are struggling with pornography addiction. He is the author of several books, namely CHANGE: A motivational system to break free from undesirable habits, especially pornography. Beat it: 50 plus shades of hope, and his latest work titled: AWARE, find out who you are without porn.

Wael Ibrahim is a certified Master life coach and currently is the student counsellor at the Australian Islamic College in Perth/Australia.

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