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Sheikh Mohammed Awal’s Biography


Sheikh Mohammed Awal, founder and director of Zaitun Dawah Institute (ZDI), a think tank research center with head quarters in Seattle Washington State USA, and branches in NY, Atlanta, Nigeria, and Ghana.

Sheikh Awal is a scholar in Islamic Sciences, Comparative Religion and logic. He is an Islamic apologist, a debater, a motivational speaker and a prolific writer. He holds a diploma in Agric. Science and Irrigation Engineering from College of Irrigation and Surveying, and a degree from the prestigious Kaduna Polytechnic College of Environmental Studies both In Nigeria. He also bags a diploma in logic and philosophy from Seattle Institute of Advance Studies.

In the course of dawah, Sheikh Awal has travels extensively across the continental USA giving lectures in colleges, universities, prisons, institutions, hospitals and the US armed forces facilities. He has travelled to Canada many times debating and presented papers on Islam on various issues at symposiums and inter-faith dialogues. His dawah has landed him in Guyana, Trinidad and Tobago and the Hinter parts of the Amazon. Sheikh Awal has travel to many part of Europe giving lectures and debating eminent Christian apologist all over the world including Africa where most of his debate and dialogues took place. At the moment most of the Christian evangelist are shying away from encountering with him due to his profound knowledge of the Bible and tremendous ability to present logic and reasoning in his presentations. The number of souls reverted to Islam on the bases of Sheikh Awals presentations is indeed a testimony of the TRUTH of Islam.

Sheikh Mohammed Awal’s Contact Info

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