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Omar Husain - Pour Upon Us Patience | Conversing with God - Episode 2

Download Mp3, Pour Upon Us Patience, Conversing with God, Episode 2, Omar Husain When we first hear of the death of a loved one, or the loss of a job, or a personal calamity, it’s common for others to tell us to “be patient.” Patience is such an integral part of the way we live our faith that it has...

Imam Ahmed Bin Hanbal (2017)

Genres; Biography, Drama, History Storyline: The series tells the full biography of the four imams of the Muslims from the Sunnis and the community Ahmad ibn Hanbal and the events that took place from the beginning of his family and social life and even began his scientific life in the request of forensic...

Mufti Menk - Preparing for a Good death

Download Mp3, Preparing for a Good death by Mufti Menk Ismail Musa The eKhutbah comes to you every Friday. This is not A Jumu'ah Sermon but simply seizing the opportunity to present that weekly reminder.The topic this week is A Good death

Conquest 1453 (2012) [Movie]

After the death of his father Murat II, Mehmet II ascends to the Ottoman throne. After braving internal and external enemies, he decides to complete what he was destined to do - conquer Constantinople. Genre: Action, Drama, History Director(s): Faruk Aksoy Stars: Devrim Evin, İbrahim Celikkol, Dilek...

Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi - Spiritual Advice In Light of COVID-19 Shutdown

Shaykh Dr. Yasir Qadhi - Spiritual Advice In Light of COVID-19 Shutdown | Audio | Download MP3Lā ilāha illa Allah...My mind is reeling, my heart shattered. Across the Muslim world, masjids are being shut down, not by outside enemies, but by us ourselves as a result of precautionary measures against the...

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