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Abdullah Oduro - Intro to Hajj (Pilgrimage) - 5 Pillars Made Plain

Download Mp3, Intro to Hajj (Pilgrimage) | 5 Pillars Made Plain - Abdullah Oduro “Born again”- this is how people who have completed the pillar of Hajj (pilgrimage) describe their experience. Throughout this journey, Muslims encounter hardships solely to seek the bounty and pleasure of God. Surrounded...

Abdullah Oduro - Why do Muslims Fast - 5 Pillars Made Plain

Download Mp3, Why do Muslims Fast? | 5 Pillars Made PlainFasting provides a humbling experience; it's an act of worship that is done purely out of a Muslim's trust, faith and submission to God. Throughout the month of Ramadan, we become more mindful of God's presence, realizing that He would never prescribe...

Abdullah Oduro - When do Muslims fast - 5 Pillars Made Plain

Download Mp3, When do Muslims fast? | 5 Pillars Made PlainFasting during Ramadan begins from sun-up until sunset. Throughout the day, Muslims must abstain from eating, drinking, and physical intimacy. When does this holy month commence? Sh. Abdullah Oduro explains different methods that determine the...

Abdullah Oduro - Who Should Pray - 5 Pillars Made Plain - Episode 2

Download Mp3, Who Should Pray? | 5 Pillars Made Plain by Abdullah Oduro Who is expected to pray in Islam? Maturity, sanity and being a Muslim are the requirements for prayer. Sh. Abdullah Oduro explains each of these requirements, and how prayer gives us structure in our search for the purpose of life....

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