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Muhammad Hoblos Biography


Mohamed Hoblos, an Australian Islamic preacher and motivational speaker, is known for his passionate and emotional style of addressing religious and social issues. While there isn’t extensive information available about his personal life, such as his exact birth date or early life, it is known that he resides in Sydney, Australia, and is of Lebanese descent.

Hoblos’ passionate speeches and reminders about the importance of living a righteous and God-fearing life have resonated with many Muslims around the world. He frequently emphasizes the need for Muslims to uphold their faith and responsibilities in the modern world.

  1. Muhamed Hoblos Career
  2. Who Is Mohamed Hoblos?
  3. Mohamed Hoblos Education
  4. Mohamed Hoblos Height
  5. Where Does Muhamed Hoblos Live?
  6. Keynotes
  7. Where is Mohamed Hoblos Now?

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Muhamed Hoblos Career

He is associated with the One Path Network, an Australian-based Islamic media organization dedicated to producing high-quality content that caters to the Muslim community. The organization’s mission is to present an accurate portrayal of Islam and to create a platform for Muslims to have their voices heard.

Muhammad Hoblos has gained a significant following on social media platforms like YouTube, where his lectures and speeches are widely shared. Despite his popularity, he has also faced criticism from some quarters who argue that his emotional style can be divisive or overly confrontational.

In summary, Muhammad Hoblos is an influential Islamic preacher and motivational speaker known for his passionate and emotional style. He has gained a substantial following through his work with the One Path Network and his presence on social media platforms.

Who Is Mohamed Hoblos?

  • Speaker
  • Daee/Preacher
  • Not a Scholar
  • Teacher
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Australian Citizen

Mohamed Hoblos Education

His educational background is unknown. But he said to be studying Arabic language in Sydney, in 2015.

Mohamed Hoblos Height

Hoblos’ height is generally moderate, but his photos suggest he may seem tall compared to his surroundings. Nonetheless, specific measurements for his height and other body attributes are currently not accessible to the public. We will provide this information once it becomes accessible.

Muhamed Hoblos and Zain Bhikha

Photo: Muhamed Hoblos and Zain Bhikha

Where Does Muhamed Hoblos Live?

Mohamed Hoblos is currently living at Sydney, Australia.


  • Real Name: Muhamed Hoblos
  • Age: Unknown
  • Origin: Lebanon

Where is Mohamed Hoblos Now?

He is in Sydney, Australia.

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