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Yahya Ibrahim’s Biography

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Yahya Ibrahim is Canadian by birth & education and an Egyptian through a rich ancestry.

In his quest for authentic, classical Islamic knowledge, he travelled to meet and study under some of the most prominent scholars of our era. While attending the University of Toronto, he would travel regularly during his free time to further his knowledge of Islam.

Being proficient in Arabic and English, Yahya grew up translating live for English audiences’ Arabic lectures delivered by visiting Islamic dignitaries from all around the world.

Yahya Ibrahim began memorizing the Qur’an at the age of 16 and finished 20 months later, receiving an ijazah (certification) in proficiency and an instruction to teach. He began lecturing at the age of 17 and has been involved in the Islamic community since 1993, Alhamdulillah.

Ustadh Yahya is blessed now to be living in Perth, Western Australia with his wife and three wonderful children – Shireen, Omar and Adam. He is a regular lecturer to Muslim and non-Muslim audiences there and around the world. He travels in Australasia, Africa, South East Asia, Europe and Canada to deliver lectures on Islam and Muslims to a variety of audiences.

He is committed to spreading a message to Muslims that empowers them spiritually and helps them integrate into the broader community. A message of anti-militancy, religious tolerance and moral universality are a part of his outlook.

Yahya is a registered Teacher and serves the Muslim community at Curtin University and teaches internationally with Al Kauthar Institute.

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TWITTER; http://twitter.com/yahya_ibrahim

INSTAGRAM; http://instagram.com/yahya_adel_ibrahim

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