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Bilal Dannoun Biography
Bilal Dannoun Biography

Biography: How Bilal Dannoun Travelled Far Middle East In Quest of Islamic Knowledge

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On November 10, 1973, Bilal Dannoun was born in Lebanon and traveled to Sydney, Australia, at the age of three months. From a very young age, he had a deep desire to understand the faith of Allah. He attended practically all of the few lessons that were available in Sydney at the time due to this ambition.

He is also an authorized marriage celebrant, Islamic lecturer and consultant, instructor of Arabic and Quran reading, and NSW justice of the peace.

Tafsir Ibn Kahtir (10 Vol)

Bilal graduated from a local high school and then entered a bachelor’s program in languages, majoring in Arabic and English. By placing himself under the direct instruction of some of Sydney’s most esteemed Sheikhs (Muslim scholars), Bilal supplemented his understanding of Arabic.

Bilal earned a remarkable degree and was highly regarded by both his professors and classmates for his grasp of and application of classical Arabic. His desire to learn more about Islam drove him to visit the Middle East frequently, where he was taught by several of its teachers.

For the benefit of the larger community, Bilal has given innumerable lectures and written various pamphlets and books. Numerous copies of his lectures have been sold, and he has established himself as one of Australia’s most charismatic and talented presenters as a result.

Bilal Dannoun Biography

Because of his distinctive approach and widespread appeal, Bilal is frequently asked to give lectures in various locations throughout Australia.

Bilal has become a highly sought-after Islamic marriage celebrant in Sydney and the nearby towns due to his enthusiasm, eloquence, and professional approach to conducting wedding ceremonies.

He has created and taught several intensive courses on Jurisprudence, Tajweed, and various other Islamic disciplines in order to give the present generation the chance to learn Islamic knowledge locally that he himself never had.

In his free time, Bilal also created an introductory course for learning the Quran’s recitation, and as a result, he has assisted hundreds of people in learning to recite the Quran in Arabic. He is also a founding member of Al-Firdaus Quran College, which offers courses in Arabic and the Quran to learners of all ages and skill levels.

At a prestigious Islamic college in Sydney, Bilal serves as both a teacher and the coordinator of Islamic Studies.


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