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Abdullah Hakeem’s Biography

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Sheikh Abdullah Hakeem was born in Fiji, a little island. He and his family moved to Sydney, Australia when he was 4 years old, and they have remained there ever since. His desire to learn more about Islam grew during high school, and he began going to hifz sessions and frequent Islamic lectures. He offered to lead jummah khutbahs at the public high school in his community, which does not normally offer jummah prayer to the pupils who are Muslim.

Following his marriage and high school graduation, he and his family spent six years studying at the International Islamic University of Malaysia, where he earned a Bachelor in Islamic Jurisprudence (Fiqh) and a minor in History and Civilizations in 2013.

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He has been visiting Australia throughout his breaks for the past six years, where he has been actively leading numerous Islamic lectures and khutbahs in Sydney. He recently finished his studies in Malaysia, and since then, he has been keeping active at work and participating in and leading Islamic programs, camps, and discussions with various Islamic groups in Sydney.

He is a very engaged and motivated learner whose mission is to concentrate on the youth and build their ties to Islam. He enjoys participating in sports and other activities with his family and friends when he is not working.


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