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Mp3 Omar Suleiman – The Benefits of Hasbunallahu Wa Nemal Wakeel – Khutbah

hasbunallahu wa nemal wakeel

Explore the profound insights and spiritual guidance encapsulated in the enlightening khutbah delivered by Dr. Omar Suleiman on “The Benefits of Hasbunallahu Wa Nemal Wakeel.” In this discourse, Dr. Suleiman unravels the significance and virtues of placing trust in Allah as the ultimate Guardian and Protector. Join us on a journey to understand the profound … Read more

Omar Suleiman – Islam and LGBTQ Issues

How can we address LGBTQ Issues as Muslims while remaining faithful? What is our Islamic ethical framework, and how do we offer the proper support needed to our community in an ever changing world? This segment features Dr. Omar Suleiman, Sh. Mustafa Umar, Sh. Ubaydallah Evans, and Sr. Sarah Sultan.